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        Why does she need him for a father?
    Not only maidens can occupy my shack
    Goring my manhood turns a man off
    Like Pepe LePew would say-
    Hey, Hey, Hey! -Then we clash!
    I got my diddly spayed(x3)
    I got my diddly
    She laughs about it
    Shrinking inflections if the wind blows just right
    Jacking themselves off polyester!
    I wanna jump, this isn't right!
    Hey, when am I getting it back?
    I got my diddly spayed (x3)
    I got my diddly
    I don't know why
    I got a joke to silly to say
    Don't touch the balls
    I gotta dick, Dick hear my fucking HATE!
    I got my diddly spayed (x3)
    I got my diddly
    If you're wondering
    Its gaining monthly
    Fiberglass insulated
    Desguised as cotton candy
    Spawning downstream
    El Rancho Ovulate
    Feeling can't help me romp
    Bill just fuck me! Take me anal!
    Billy's slit reminds me of someone
    I'm sick of paying for the Love Boat
    Tony and Tenille say wanna jump rope
    And I say look!
    I got my dingaling spayed
    I got my liberty
    I got my diddly spayed (x2)
    Nothing hard
    I gotta be around pussy
    Don't let me fall
    I got a heh-heh
    Well you can't live
    We got my diddly spayed
    I got my diddly spayed (x5)
    I got my diddly
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